Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction – J1 League – 07/03

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa prediction on July 03, 2021. Vegalta Sendai is playing at home in the next round of the J1 League 2021, their goal is still to get the points to quickly rise to higher rankings. That goal was considered impossible when Vegalta Sendai had to host Urawa Red Diamonds.

Vegalta Sendai Overview

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction

Vegalta Sendai is making certain progress in the recent matches at the J1 League playground. The proof is that the recent 2-3 defeat to Shimizu S-Pulse is only the first defeat after 4 consecutive rounds of unbeaten matches with 2 wins and 2 draws. However, with a relatively poor performance at the beginning of the season, Vegalta Sendai still needs to try a lot to be able to escape the group holding the red light at this time. Vegalta Sendai’s strikers are not that they don’t know how to score, but the defense is still lacking in certainty, making their achievements not guaranteed.

Urawa Overview

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction

Urawa Red Diamonds is making extremely solid strides on its journey this season. The proof is that after the last 13 appearances in all competitions, Urawa Red Diamonds only had to receive 1 defeat besides victories as the main color. That extremely explosive achievement is making Urawa Red Diamonds rise strongly on the chart with 5th place up to this point. Urawa Red Diamonds is also showing stable scoring ability to continuously bring about victories.


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Asian Bet – Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa prediction

Vegalta Sendai is in the bottom 4 of the group and will have to play in the J-League 2 years later. With only 3 wins since the beginning of the tournament, the home team Yurtec Stadium won more than the bottom team, Yokohama FC. 

In the last 4 matches, Vegalta Sendai can only draw and lose even though their opponents are not as strong as Shimizu or the lower team is Grulla Morioka. With poor performance and a too uncertain defense, coach Susumu Watanabe’s men leave too much disappointment. It will not be surprising if they continue to lose the 11th game at this year’s tournament.

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction

  • Choose Urawa – 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Urawa – 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction

Confrontation history favors Urawa when the away team is on a 5-match winning streak against Vegalta Sendai. More broadly, Urawa has been unbeaten against Vegalta since 2015 with 12 wins and 3 draws. With such an impressive head-to-head record and rising form, it’s too easy to predict a win for the away team.

Choose Urawa (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa prediction

In 3/4 of the last confrontation between the 2 teams, the net was shaken with 3 or more goals. In which, there are 2 extremely strong victories of Urawa with the scores of 5-2 and 6-0 respectively. It can be seen that the gap between the two teams is quite large when Urawa is always superior. 

In the last 4 matches, the away team has never scored less than 2 goals in the opponent’s net. This time, Urawa’s strikers will still have the opportunity to improve their scoring record when only facing Vegalta. The home team is currently the second-worst defense in the tournament with 34 conceded times.

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.25 (FT)


Vegalta Sendai: Slowik; Mase, Uehara, Nakahara, Hachisuka; Teruyama, Yoshino, Hiraoka; Kato, Kida; Nishimura

Urawa Red Diamonds: Nishikawa; Shibato, Ito; Nishi, Iwanami, Makino, Akimoto; Tanaka, Koizumi, Okubo; Junker