Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction |2020/08/08| SUPRA-Championship

The reviews to the football Veles vs Krylya Sovetov prediction in Russia SUPRA-Championship about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction


  • Match date: 8 August at 14:00.
  • Event: Russia SUPRA-Championship
  • Stage: Round 2

Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction recommendation:

Not much appreciated in recent seasons, Veles needs to try to secure a place in this year’s tournament. To be able to hope to further improve the position in this season, the home team Veles need to make efforts to get good results in the early stages. The mere reception of Krylya Sovetov can be considered advantageous for Veles when the opponent is also considered fit. On the other side of the front line, Krylya Sovetov even had to work very hard to preserve the results. The chances of victory of the guests became even more fragile when they only enjoyed the full joy in all 10 matches that had to march away from home.

O/U Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction: 

  • In the second round of Russia’s first class, Veles, who have just moved up this season, must welcome the team that has played in the Sovetov Premier League. The visitors are highly appreciated for their strength and superior level. While the home team has not shown much after the lackluster performances in the opening match. This is expected to be a very difficult match for the Veles players.
  • Carrying only Ivanovo’s 0-goal draw on the field in a more human position, Veles showed a stalemate. Needless to say the poor performance of the attack, the difficulties in the first season of promotion are inevitable. Play lacks vitality while the ability to defend has never been a strong point. The battle experience is also a problem that is inferior to the opponent. Meet Sovetov when not in the middle of the new season, a big gap is expected.
  • Sovetov only lost the record against Grozy and accepted to play in the first division this season. The game is uniform and effective with the bright spot, 30 games last season scored 33 goals and conceded only 40 times. The ability to score goals is highly appreciated with stable performance compared to the Premiership ground. With what they have shown, they deserve to be the candidate for the championship. Determination and participation are very large, a jubilant match of the strikers is hard to prevent.
  • The visitors who were completely overwhelmed in every aspect were determined before the new season. The game opened for Sovetov’s quality strikers, especially after the score. The rain of goals is very easy to happen, with the level of Over is very high.

The best Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction:   

  • Over 1 HT
  • Over 3.25 FT

Asian Handicap Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction: 

  • The visitors are much more appreciated when the difference between the two sides is too clear. The quality of the squad and the variety of gameplay are the key to Sovetov’s dominance.
  • Recent performances of both are very contrary, Veles has only 1 point with a lackluster performance. While the away team won the last 2/4 matches, including an impressive 3-0 victory over Sochi in the relegation bracket. The attack shows stability and the defense plays very focused.
  • The home advantage, however, the distance of strength and performance is far below that of the opponent, Veles is hard to avoid defeat. Strength and uniformity of the visitors are very reliable

Best  Veles vs Krylya Sovetov Prediction:

  • Krylya Sovetov -0.5 HT
  • Krylya Sovetov -0.5 FT

1×2 Prediction

  • European odds mean that the home appreciates the possibility that the away team will win 3 points. Equal power on superior levels and levels, this option is very reliable. Surprise is unlikely when looking at the real distance of the two teams.
  • Krylya Sovetov to win  FT

What the two teams show signifies a one-sided match and opens wide after a goal. Sovetov’s strong attack certainly does not miss the opportunity to earn good numbers. The opening match in the first half and the performance of the visitors in the second half is a very easy scenario.

Predict the match score

  • Veles 0 – 2 Krylya Sovetov (H1).
  • Veles 1 – 3 Krylya Sovetov (Full Time)