Venezia vs Cittadella Prediction – Serie B – 05/27/2021

Venezia vs Cittadella prediction on May 27, 2021. Venezia and Cittadella will continue their hostilities at Stadio Pierluigi Penzo in the second leg of the Serie B play-off final on Thursday.

Venezia Overview

Despite receiving a rather unfortunate result in the first leg, but with superior statistics compared to Venice, there is still a lot of hope for Cittadella to turn the tide in the upcoming final second leg. And believe that also owning a record of 3/5 recent unbeaten matches along with determination will help coach Roberto Venturato’s team to hold on to hope in this match.

There is a statistic that is not adding a lot of spirit to Cittadella in this match that is the fact that Venezia did not have a very good performance at home, specifically after the last 3 matches, there were 2 team matches. The owner of Pierluigi Penzo was rated higher than the opponent, but they only brought home 1 win. This is raising hopes for Cittadella to be able to take advantage of a beneficial result to raise the hope of holding a promotion ticket.

Cittadella Overview

In order to have complete joy in this season’s Serie B play-off final at Cittadella’s home ground, coach Paolo Zanetti’s men did not play very well after getting a goal in the second half. fight to defend the results. The recent victory is helping Venice to extend its unbeaten streak to the last 8 consecutive matches, of which there are 6 draws and only 2 losses that are not too outstanding.

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Asian Bet – Venezia vs Cittadella prediction

With 2/3 of the matches having to split points against the bottom opponents, Venezia’s Asian win rate is not too good with 2 Asian losses. Meanwhile, after the last 4 trips, despite facing higher-rated opponents, Cittadella brought 2 matches without losing the Asian bet, making them a somewhat reliable choice in this match.

Venezia vs Cittadella Prediction

  • Choose Cittadella (HT): +1/4
  • Choose Cittadella (FT): +1/4

European Bet

Up to now, the two teams have experienced 13 encounters with Cittadella despite having a lot of underrated matches, but they are the team with a more stable head-to-head record. To be more specific, Cittadella currently brings 5 ​​wins, 4 draws, and 4 defeats, so the opportunity for them to win is still not closed.

Choose Cittadella (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Venezia vs Cittadella prediction

Scoring 8 goals after 5 recent home matches show that Venezia’s strikers are still quite effective when they have the advantage. Meanwhile, Cittadella comes into this match with the mentality that they have nothing to lose, believing that they will play to the best of their ability, so the odds in this decisive match are also becoming bright.

Venezia vs Cittadella Prediction:

Choose Over (HT): 3/4

Choose Over (FT): 2 1/4


Venezia: Taugourdeau, Crnigoj, Dezi, Maenpaa, Molinaro, Ceccaroni, Svoboda, Mazzocchi, Di Mariano, Johnsen, Forte.

Cittadella: Ghiringhelli, Vita, Iori, Branca, Kastrati, Donnarumma, Adorni, Frare, Proia, Baldini, Tsadjout.