Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction – Serie B – 05/07

Venezia vs Pordenone prediction on May 07, 2021. Venezia vs Pordenone will meet with each other in the 36th round of the Italian Serie B. Although there are some safe points compared to the relegation group, the lack of stability in a long time has made Pordenone unable to achieve their goals at the beginning of the season. Two consecutive unsuccessful games left them pretty far behind, will Pordenone have any improvements to bring an important score?

Venezia Overview

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction

Venezia is currently ranked 3rd with 59 points after 35 rounds. Considered as a strong Venetian football team, bringing them a lot of goals, they have 65 of the highest scoring goals in the tournament. With 2 wins against strong opponents in the recent matches also showing that the form and spirit of the team are very high, welcoming a team that is not too strong will not be too difficult for them in current time.

Pordenone Overview

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction

Pordenone only got 1 win and lost 3 of the last 4 matches, and recently they fell to Reggiana, a top opponent at their home field. Causing Reggiana to fall to 15th place with 41 points gained after 35 rounds. On the other hand, Pordenone is also the team that owns the highest number of goals in the tournament with 50 goals this season. The goalscoring performance is extremely great, showing a lot of defense problems that the team needs to overcome in order to progress further in this tournament.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction

Asian Bet – Venezia vs Pordenone prediction

Pordenone Calcio has just lost a weak match with a score of 0-1 on the field of the team in the bottom group of Reggio Audace FC. In the last 6 rounds in the Serie B tournament, the away team also had to receive 3 more defeats. The performance of Pordenone Calcio this season is extremely flamboyant and underestimated.

After 35 rounds in Serie B, Pordenone Calcio has only 9 wins but has lost 12 matches. They only have 41 points, are ranked 15th on the rankings, and are still facing a relegation battle.

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction

  • Choose Pordenone Calcio (HT)
  • Choose Venezia (FT)

European Bet

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction

Confrontation history of the last 10 encounters between 2 clubs: Venezia only 2 wins, Pordenone Calcio won 4 and 4 matches with a Draw score. However, the confrontation achievements did not reflect the true strength between the two clubs at this time. Venezia this season is very strong in the full lead group, while Pordenone Calcio still has to race for relegation.

Choose Venezia (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Venezia vs Pordenone prediction

In the last 10 confrontations between Venezia vs Pordenone Calcio, there are 6 matches with only 2 goals or less. It can be seen that the confrontations between these two teams often do not have many goals scored. In particular, Pordenone Calcio always joined the crowd with a defensive posture.

Venezia vs Pordenone Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


Venezia: Antonio Junior Vacca, Michele Cremonesi, Niki Mäenpää, Christian Molinaro, Anthony Taugourdeau, Pasquale Mazzocchi, Jacopo Dezi, Mattia Aramu, Francesco Forte, Luca Lezzerini , Marco Modolo.

Pordenone Calcio: Alberto Barison, Giacomo Calò, Giacomo Bindi, Filippo Berra, Mirko Stefani, Alessandro Vogliacco, Claudio Morra, Sebastian Musiolik, Patrick Ciurria, Luca Magnino, Aldo Banse.