Villarreal vs Sivasspor Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/22

Villarreal vs Sivasspor prediction – Sivasspor will face a tough challenge in the next round of the Europa League. As a guest of Villarreal, Sivasspor’s goal is probably only 1 point. But for sure, Villarreal does not want to divide points in this match. The home-field advantage can completely help the Villarreal win.

Villarreal vs Sivasspor Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Estadio de la Ceramica




  • Villarreal is having stable results with his last 5 matches. Specifically, the number of victories that Villarreal earned is 3, accounting for 60%. Also, Villarreal had 1 draw and lost exactly once. Most recently they beat Orihuela 2-0.
  • With the last 5 matches, Sivasspor has not clearly shown the necessary stability. Less than the opponent, Sivasspor had 2 victories. However, with the remaining 3 matches, Sivasspor had to receive 2 defeats and 1 draw. In the last match, they beat Ankaragucu with a score of 2-0.
  • The Asian bookie sets the odds for the match between Villarreal vs Sivasspor at 0: 1 1/2. Villarreal home team was chosen as the upper odds and handicaps the opponent by 1.5 goals. If you bet on Villarreal, you will get money when this team has a 2-goal victory in the next match. Villarreal’s payout rate is 1.95, higher than Sivasspor with 1.87.

Villarreal vs Sivasspor prediction: Select Villarreal 


  • Considering Villarreal’s last 5 matches: 11 is the number of goals this team has scored. So the average number of goals that Villarreal can get is 2.2 goals/game. Meanwhile, the defense is not sure with 6 goals lost. Over/Under odds is 2.75, Over won 3 times.
  • Considering the last 5 matches of Sivasspor: Sivasspor could not show the stability of the attack with 4 goals. The corresponding goalscoring performance is 0.8 goals/game. In addition, Sivasspor’s average number of goals lost per match was 0.8. Over/Under odds is 2.75, Over won 1 time.
  • The dealer gives the odds for this encounter is 2.75. You bet on Over will win when the two teams score 3 or more goals. The win rate of Over is 1.89, lower than Under – 1.9.

Villarreal vs Sivasspor prediction: Over 2.75

Villarreal vs Sivasspor Prediction


  • These two teams have never had a direct confrontation with each other. Entering the next match, Villarreal was kicked at home. Therefore, Villarreal is being appreciated for 3 points. Experts assessed that the winning rate of Villarreal vs Sivasspor is 62% – 19%.
  • The European odds that the bookmaker sets for the match between Villarreal and Sivasspor is 1.24, 5.84 and 10.25. Villarreal’s winning, losing and drawing result will correspond to the above 3 odds.
  • Select: Villarreal FT