Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/22

Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow prediction – Wolfsberger AC is not playing well in the Austrian league. Therefore, they are under a lot of pressure before entering the first round of the C2 Cup. Welcoming CSKA Moscow at home will be a challenge for this team.

Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Lavanttal-Arena




  • Looking at the last 5 matches, Wolfsberger AC is showing an unstable face. Specifically, Wolfsberger AC did not have to receive any draw. Instead, this team has 2 wins, 40%. In the remaining 3 games, Wolfsberger lost. Latest match: Wolfsberger AC lost 2-4 to Polten.
  • On the other side of the front line, CSKA Moscow is showing stability in terms of form in the last 5 matches. The best that CSKA Moscow has done is at 4 wins. In contrast, they lost exactly 1 match, equivalent to 20%. Most recently they won Ural 2-0.
  • The bookmaker sets the Asian handicap for this confrontation at 0: 1/4. The team in the upper odds of the match is CSKA Moscow and handicaps Wolfsberger AC 0.25 goal. Players bet on CSKA Moscow to get money when this team got the final victory. CSKA Moscow has a win rate of 1.81, and Wolfsberger AC has 2.02.

Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow prediction: Select CSKA Moscow


  • With the last 5 matches of Wolfsberger AC: Stability is clearly shown in the attack. 8 is the total number of goals Wolfsberger AC owns in their hand, corresponding to a 1.6 goal/match performance. However, the player is not too sure when they lost 10 goals. Over/Under odds is 2.5, Tai won 3 times.
  • With the last 5 games of CSKA Moscow: The defense is playing firmly. The number of goals currently lost CSKA Moscow must receive the second milestone. Thus, in 1 match CSKA Moscow conceded 0.4 times. In addition, the attackers are playing steadily with 7 goals. Over/Under odds is 2.5, Tai won 1 time.
  • The dealer gives the odds of Over/Under odds for this confrontation is 2.5. Players bet to win money if two teams score 3 or more goals. Over’s winning rate is 1.8, Under is 1.96.

Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow prediction: Over 2.5.

Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow Prediction


  • Wolfsberger AC vs CSKA Moscow have never once faced each other directly. With home advantage, Wolfsberger has confidence. However, CSKA is more appreciated. Experts evaluate the win rate of 2 teams as 30% – 41% respectively.
  • The dealer gives the European odds for the next competition to be 3.35, 3.45 and 2.05. These three odds will correspond to the results Wolfsberger AC win, loss and draw.
  • Select: CSKA Moscow FT