Zwolle vs Willem II Prediction | Eredivisie | 10/24

Zwolle vs Willem II prediction – The opportunity in the confrontation between Zwolle and Willem II at Mac3Park Stadion in the 6th round of the Dutch National Championship this year is considered to be divided equally between the two teams after recent inconclusive performances. If the past is on Willem II, the present in the next 90 minutes Zwolle has a home advantage.

Zwolle vs Willem II Prediction


  • Match date: 6:00 pm on Saturday 24th October 2020
  • Event: Eredivisie
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Mac3Park Stadion






  • Zwolle did not play well this season when they only won 1 victory after the first 5 rounds, but that also does not mean that Zwolle is playing badly when they have 2 draws and 2 results lost in the remaining 4 rounds.
  • On the other side of the front line, after an impressive 2019/20 season and won a spot in the Europa League preliminary round, Willem II showed a decline this season. In addition to letting Rangers easily kick off the Europa League, Willem II is not in good shape in the domestic arena. Even after 5 rounds, Willem II only won 1 win, 1 draw and lost 3 times.

Zwolle vs Willem II prediction

  • H1 score: Zwolle 1-0 Willem II
  • H1 Asian Handicap: Zwolle -0
  • H1 Over/Under: Under


  • Zwolle played at home in the 6th round of the Dutch National Championship. Their goal is nothing more than to quickly improve their precarious performance if they do not want to sink into the spiral of crisis. With only having to welcome Willem II, that ambition of Zwolle is completely grounded, because apart from the similar capabilities, Zwolle in general is still showing more things than Willem II. 
  • Although the performance of Zwolle is not too good, what Willem II has done is much worse, not to mention the visitors are still in decline when losing 3 out of 4 recent appearances. So if Zwolle takes advantage of the home field, they will be able to defeat the relatively weak away team Willem II at the moment.
  • The scoring form of both Zwolle and Willem II has generally been very unstable this season. Most of my results in the Dutch National Championship, Zwolle and Willem II are often dumb or only scoring 1-2 goals against their opponents. Their weak scoring ability is also completely commensurate with the voluminous form that these two teams are going through. With the odds that the dealer lists are 2.75 with Over is 0.91, Under is 0.90, players should put their trust in this match.

Zwolle vs Willem II prediction: 

  • FT score: Zwolle 2-0 Willem II
  • FT Asian Handicap: Zwolle -0
  • FT Over/Under: Under
Zwolle vs Willem II Prediction


  • The confrontation record is still temporarily on Willem II’s side with 5 wins out of the last 10 encounters. However, with the analysis of class, gameplay and especially performance as mentioned above, the Zwolle vs Willem II prediction has come to the conclusion that Zwolle will beat Willem II in the match with many goals is recorded, thereby shortening the gap with the opponent on the leaderboard between the two teams.
  • Select: Zwolle FT


  • Zwolle: Van der Hart, Nakayama, Lachman, Paal, Ehizibue, Clement, Hamer, Bouy, Thy, Elbers, Namli
  • Willem II: Wellenreuther, Peters, Meissner, Palacios, Heerkens, Tapia, Crowley, Anita, Isak, Dankerlui, Pavlidis